Game Play

Individual Networked GameObject

SWNetwork provides three components for synchronizing and updating GameObject states.

  • RealTime Agent

  • Remote Event Agent

  • Sync Property Agent

Realtime Agent

RealTime Agent is useful for synchronizing GameObject states that are constantly changing. For example, position, rotation, and Animation.

Remote Event Agent

When a player casts a spell, all the remote duplicates of the player should cast the same spell. The Remote Event Agent is designed to handle this use case.

Sync Property Agent

Sync Property Agent is often used to synchronize GameObject states that are not modified frequently. For example, a player's costumes, weapon, and HP.

The agent components can be used independently.


SWNetwork also provides three components to manage room level states.

  • SceneSpawner

  • RoomPropertyAgent

  • RoomRemoteEventAgent

You must create separate GameObjects for different room agent components.


Manages instantiation and destroy of Networked GameObjects.


RoomPropertyAgent is similar to SyncPropertyAgent, the difference is that RoomPropertyAgent updates room level states.


RoomRemoteEventAgent is similar to RemoteEventAgent, the difference is that RoomRemoteEventAgent synchronizes room level actions.

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